Memories marked in granite

About HM Monuments

HM Monuments has over 15 years of experience in helping people in our community choose lasting, meaningful memorials at reasonable prices. We offer a virtually unlimited variety of colors and designs to capture memories of your loved ones in granite.

Based on our knowledge of changing trends, we also offer innovative cremation solutions through a columbarium that combines the personalization of etchings with the permanency of granite.

For those with Rochester area connections, we are knowledgeable about the requirements of every cemetery in the greater Rochester metropolitan area and can easily match existing stones as well as propose new ones. In short, we can quickly point you in the direction of solutions that will meet your needs.

If you live out of town, don't hesitate to call at 585-352-8480. We welcome the opportunity to become your on-site eyes and resource for all work required to memorialize a relative’s final resting place. Or alternatively, if you represent a cemetery, to visit your location and share with you our unique support tools for advancing columbarium sales.