Memories marked in granite

Columbarium Overview

Today, cremation is increasingly popular, in some areas approaching or exceeding 50%. Choosing cremation not only reduces the many tasks and costs associated with funerals, it also conserves the use of precious land. Yet the human need to memorialize our loved ones remains. Over 75% of all cremains eventually find their final resting place within cemeteries, durable sanctuaries designed to help us remember. Many others are memorialized at homes or other places of significance to the loved one.

HM Monuments offers cemeteries a unique 100% granite columbarium, with solid black panels that can be completely personalized with etchings or skin carvings. 100% granite means 100% throughout, with absolutely
no metal rosettes, concrete or straps to deteriorate. Beyond the actual
32 double-niche columbarium
, HMM offers an innovative support system
to help cemeteries maximize the value of their finite land resources.

HM Monuments offers individuals affordable, yet beautiful small outdoor columbarium models including bench styles. We also offer a selection of urns that can be placed within the columbarium’s niche or displayed indoors. All styles can be personalized with name and dates, and some can also include additional text and design.

Contact us for detailed information on the ways we support both cemeteries and individuals with cremation resources.