Memories marked in granite

Monuments Overview

Throughout this site you see samples of actual designs that you can choose at HM Monuments in basic configurations, from flat markers through slants and vertical or horizontal monuments.

Bearing in mind that actual dimensions and type of granite you choose make a significant difference in costs, the following are realistic ranges for double memorials including the cost of the stone, shipping and setting. If you would like a specific quote on any design, please contact us for a rapid response.

Typical costs of memorials from HM Monuments*
Double markers $550 – $1200
Double slants $595 – $1400
Double slants on a base $950 – $1750
Double vertical or horizontal monuments $1000 – $2400
* These ranges do NOT include foundation costs, which vary from cemetery to
   cemetery. HM Monuments will however handle these arrangements and include
   the cost in its final quote to you with absolutely NO markup.